ADOM is a Platform that connects IoT endpoints
helps build real time communication and intelligent applications

Turns out ADOM simplifies human life, by solving real life problems, by applying
technology, innovation, deisgn and a Customer Centric culture. Our products reflect the philosophy that human-technology interaction should be innovative, problem solving, effective and
we believe it should be Intuitive Immersive & Natural Its the very definition of our philosophy

Behold the platform that is smart, reduces cost, optmizes your business and saves a lot of time in the process.

Connect to devices on Internet bring meaningful data for many use cases to solve real life problems and to make those critical business decisions. Combining IoT, Augmented Reality, Big Data and Data visualization, Adom is striving to bring into the world a new era of technology revolution

For Cabs

For those who run and operate cabs, for enterprises who provide transportation to their employees, for fleet businesses who transport across the country or simply for a regular car/bike owner. One common question is "How to save time, cost and fuel?" Know about how we effectively solve this problem to help you scale better and scale faster

For Logistics

When Logistics businesses of all sizes manage transportation, operational, decision making and shipping costs effectively they improve financial performance. Every product in India has 15%-20% of cost includes cost of Logistics. On-Demand deliveries are the most weakly planned and consume more cost. We have an incredible solution

For Developers

Already have an operational system that which you want to apply technology and adopt? We have got you covered with our Data streams that connect to IOT, with our API for tacking and management, the infrastructure to support your large data and quick adoption to a dynamic dashboard to visualize all the important data

Where there is a problem there is innovation

A Real-time IoT Data Stream

With capacities that can handle difficult challenges of time and scalability, Adom's innovative platform offers the right applications for the hyper-personal and hyper-local algorithms and complex computing engines and help build great products

An Advanced Employee Transport System

100% unmanned, 100% mobile and 100% cloud, mETS is for cab providers and enterprises so they can optmize their operations, provide security to employees and save a lot of fuel, cost and time

Superfast Realtime API

Capability to support hundreds of millions of data from thousands of devices round the clock, to scale infinitely and yet be available for instant integration to any 3rd party awesome application anywhere in the world

Logistics infrastructure

To support large number of endpoints, computing engines, tables, scripts and hundreds of processing algorithm, requires a great infrastructure. ADOM has the backing of its technology partners and smart applications built in house

Ready to do something awesome?

Creativity is the process of having original ideas which have value. Realize your ideas with our creativity, technology and innovation